Best online storytelling and journalism 2014

This very inspiring list with 30 of the best journalistic online projects contains a lot of best practice examples for dealing with data.

Author Josh Stearns has grouped the list around key themes:

  1. The Year Audio Went Viral
    e.g. Serial

    If you only listened to Serial then you missed a lot of great aspects of the story which were only available on the podcast’s website in blog posts, source documents, maps and more.

  2. Telling Stories With Sensors and Satellites
    e.g. Losing Ground

    The team used a mix of great local reporting paired with striking satellite imagery and historical maps to show the pace of change on the Louisiana coastline.

  3. Get The Picture? Graphic Journalism in 2014
    e.g. Terms of Service

    Aljazeera America created a print comic book, Terms of Service, about a very digital topic: privacy, security and big data. In addition, they released the tool they created so others could create graphic journalism like this.

  4. Immersive Stories on Health and the Environment
  5. A Big Year for Crowdsourcing and Eyewitness Media
  6. Structuring Journalism For Context
    e.g. Assets, Objects, Points

    how the fundamental elements of stories can be collected, organized, presented and reused (by journalists or members of the community) through unique story-driven databases.


  7. A Web of Many Languages — Multilingual Multimedia Storytelling
    e.g. Inside the Firewall: Tracking the news that China blocks